150+ Tribute Website Project Ideas - Sample

Avic Ndugu
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As a new web developer, you're probably feeling excited and eager to put your newfound skills to practice by creating website projects. You want to create a tribute website project. There's just one problem: you have absolutely no clue what topic to choose for your tribute page website.

Don't worry, I'm here to help!

What are You Getting?

150+ Tribute website Project ideas - Sample

This is a book sample of the original containing 20 ideas only. You can download this to get a feel of what you will get when you download the full version.

Update: August 30, 2023

You can get the full list of tribute website ideas at https://devpractical.gumroad.com/l/tributepageideas

Just pay what you want(including $5) to get access to the full version and all the resources.

This full version also has the complete list of ideas and two additional resources:

  • Idea generation template: Use the template to generate your own ideas
  • Idea selection template: Use it to select one idea to build when you feel indecisive
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150+ Tribute Website Project Ideas - Sample

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