6 Ways Developers Create Websites(Free Excerpt)

Avic Ndugu
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If you're a new web developer and have wondered how many different ways developers create websites, you're not alone.

As a web developer, you are the expert and, others rely on you to pick the best tools to create their website.

But how can you choose the best tool for the job if you don't know what is available.

In this guide, I'll explain the 6 main methods used to create websites and give examples of the tools you can use for each method.

With your knowledge of the 6 methods, you will be able to:

  • know all the methods used by 99% of developers to create website
  • confidently choose the best method to create a website based on the current requirements
  • stop wasting your time jumping from one tool to another
  • stop following the hype and start building and finishing website projects

The 6 methods developers, whether junior, senior, hobbyist or freelancer, use to create websites are:

  1. Drag and Drop Website Builder
  2. Content Management System(CMS)
  3. Coding Languages
  4. Frameworks and libraries
  5. Static Site Generators
  6. Headless Content Management System(CMS)

But why should you trust me?

Reasons You Should Read the Guide

I conducted detailed research of all the methods developers are using to create websites.

I also used knowledge from my 4 years in the web development industry. I have created my websites also interacted with other developers. Whenever I can, I ask them about how they make websites.

Information Sources

I used 3 main places as my source of information:

  • Company and developer websites

Companies usually reveal the technology they are using to create their websites. You can find the information on blog posts and podcasts.

  • Looking at the website code

Some tools used to create websites leave clues on the technology used. For example, you can tell if a website is made with WordPress by using view-source.

  • Freelancing websites and job boards

When companies and individuals advertise for jobs, they sometimes indicate the technology tools that they use to create their website.

Very few companies indicate their tools. But when they do, I note that down. Note that this is different from the candidate required skills which are sometimes not a reflection of the technology used on the job.

Now, you can confidently jump to all the methods used to create websites.

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6 Ways Developers Create Websites(Free Excerpt)

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